• we Predict
  • we Advance
  • we Develop
  • we Present
  • we Model
  • we Optimize
  • we Interpret
  • we Improve
  • we Structure
  • we Imagine
  • we Discover
  • we Analyze
  • we Calculate
  • we Research
  • we see

We see tomorrow

Take your career to the next level

Big data is getting bigger. By 2020, it’s estimated that every person on earth will create 1.7MB of data per second. Focused on both theory and application, our programs are designed to help you advance your career in an ever-changing market—now, and in the future.

Today our graduates go on to make a big impact at companies likes Amazon, GoPro, Microsoft, and Wayfair in a variety of roles, including as data scientists, business analysts, programmers, and data engineers.

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