B.S. Data Science

Turn data into decisions

Our daily lives generate more data than ever before, and in that wealth of data lies insights that will change the world. Our Bachelor of Science in Data Science will give you the tools and the skills needed to create improved data-driven decision making in just about every imaginable domain.

Data science is changing the environment by developing policies and responses to the challenge of climate change while better preparing local governments to prepare for and react to natural disasters. It’s changing business by allowing companies to improve their logistics, streamline how they deliver goods and services to customers, and save millions of dollars. Data science is feeding the hungry, and making us safer by improving crime prevention, creating more efficient firefighting, and making cars and roads less dangerous. It’s even changing the way sports teams scout players and the way they play the game.

Our program is a collaborative effort with the College of Arts and Science and the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, providing students with an opportunity to build an interdisciplinary network.

From big data to cloud computing, from astronomy to sports, data science is the foundation of our data-driven future, and the demand for trained data scientists has never been higher.

Choose a specialization

Our broad, blended curriculum provides the foundation to build the knowledge and experience necessary to create an in-demand skillset in this rapidly growing field. We offer five specialization tracks, which allow you to refine your skills to your area of interest, giving you the expertise needed to give you an advantage in your career path:

  • Foundational Data Science
    • Students can learn the fundamentals of data science, from data analysis to the principles of machine learning, database concepts, algorithm design, statistical theory, and more.
  • Data Systems
    • Embedded systems, the concepts of databases, cloud computing, distributed systems, and big data applications are just some of the areas of focus for students who are interested in the design, implementation, and study of data systems.
  • Network and Applied Data Science
    • Students interested in network and applied data science learn the fundamentals of network science and data visualization, and they can apply their knowledge to a variety of areas, such as big data, data mining, analytics, biology, and more.
  • Data Science Design
    • This area focuses on making data science more useful and understandable through design, including through visualization and prototyping, as well as creating strategies that allow data science concepts to be more consumable.
  • Biological and Health Science
    • Students interested in the biological and health science track learn how to combine data science with the natural sciences to improve healthcare outcomes and our understanding of our world through digital biology, data analysis, analytics, and more.

Advising and resources

Our advisors are here to help you chart your path to tomorrow whether you’re already a data science student or at IU and haven’t declared a major. Luddy advisors will help you understand your degree requirements, take advantage of academic opportunities, and meet your goals.

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